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The most standardized type 2 diabetes medication guide

2017-12-23 10:43

Type 2 diabetes formerly known as adult onset diabetes, mostly in 35 to 40 years of age after onset, accounting for more than 90% of diabetic patients.

In patients with type 2 diabetes insulin production capacity is not completely lost, and some patients even have excessive insulin production, but the effect of insulin is poor, so the patient's insulin is a relative lack of. In the early stage can be some oral drugs to stimulate the body's insulin secretion.

The most standardized type 2 diabetes medication guide

The best medicine of choice at this time is metformin. Because of its low price, hypoglycemic effect and weight loss is better, favored by many patients, the doctor will generally recommend this drug. Metformin can lower blood sugar, reduce insulin resistance, and can also reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of other cardiovascular diseases, the price is not expensive, is widely used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

But there are also side effects, so doctors recommend sugar friends in the use of metformin should pay attention to the following points.

Thin patients are not suitable. Metformin inhibits appetite and helps to reduce weight in obese patients, but the wasting patients are obviously not suitable.

Do not drink yogurt before and after taking medicine. Metformin has an inhibitory effect on lactate, and lactic acidosis can be a definite risk if lactic acid is consumed heavily during the medication. Many doctors have seen in patients with diabetes lactic acidosis.

Vitamin B12 supplement. Because metformin can affect the body's absorption of vitamin B12, so that patients with nutritional imbalance, usually by the patient's diet can be added vitamin B12, if necessary, can also be added by oral and injection. It is recommended to be injected under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Liver, renal insufficiency were banned. Metformin does not have direct damage to the liver and kidneys, but excretes through the kidneys. If the patient is renal insufficiency, the burden on the kidneys is increased and renal impairment is accelerated.

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