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Causes of diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-24 14:27


What is the cause of diabetic nephropathy? with more and more people suffering from this disease, we all know how to treat and prevent the disease. it is known to all of us. so, do we know the cause of diabetic nephropathy? 1. Some patients with good long-term blood glucose control will also appear kidney disease, and the difference between different inpidual mesangial cell glut1 and regulatory differences can also lead to kidney damage. 2. abnormal hemodynamics: the main cause of diabetic nephropathy is the abnormal renal hemodynamics. The hemodynamic abnormalities described here include: increased glomerular filtration rate, increased pressure, the effect of hyperglycemia, and so on. 3. the damage of hyperglycemia: the study shows that hyperglycemia also has a close association with diabetic nephropathy. If the patient 's blood glucose control is poor, it may accelerate the development of the disease, and the opposite is that good blood glucose control will delay the occurrence and development of diabetes mellitus and hypertension, although the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy is not directly associated with hypertension.


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