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Treatment of diabetic nephropathy

2017-02-02 16:38

should be treated to emphasize prevention and early treatment. Positive control of blood sugar and urinary albumin excretion rate in periodic inspection, control blood pressure, reduce urine protein excretion.

1. control blood sugar: diabetic nephropathy is affected by several factors, including high blood sugar is a very important factor. It goes without saying that the relationship between high blood sugar and diabetes nephropathy, experimental and clinical studies show that good blood sugar control can significantly reduce the incidence of diabetic nephropathy. Is important to control blood sugar, mast and Hyperfiltration in Diabetic Kidney State, control of blood glucose in a timely manner, after the correction of metabolic disorders, renal hypertrophy and high filtration can be partially recovered. Early diabetic nephropathy renal glomerular filtration rate increased and elevated glycosylated hemoglobin is consistent. Therefore, controlling blood sugar is the basis for treatment of diabetic nephropathy treatment. Diet therapy for diabetes education, treatment should be taken, appropriate exercise, medication and blood glucose monitoring and other means, to control blood sugar close to normal as possible.

(1) the diet in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy: diet therapy for diabetic nephropathy has its own characteristics, total calorie intake according to height, weight and activity level to decide. Diabetic nephropathy, Glomerular Hyperfiltration, high protein diet can make this State continued high filtration and increased Glomerular hemodynamic changes.

General 0.8g/(kg • d) amount of protein is more appropriate. Has entered the clinical stage, edema, proteinuria, patients with impaired renal function, shall be scheduled according to endogenous creatinine clearance rate of protein intake. Patients protein intake must be of high quality protein, namely amino acids with high content of animal protein.

(2) selection of diabetic nephropathy of oral antidiabetic drugs should take account of the metabolic pathway: glibenclamide (glyburide), gliclazide (diamicron) mainly by the kidneys active metabolites.

Renal damage, can result in low blood sugar, and should not be used. Metformin oral hypoglycemic drugs on proteinuria of clinical diabetic nephropathy should not be used, because it is based on the prototype discharged from the urine, resulting in accumulation of lactic acid and lactic acidosis caused by.

Attention should also improve insulin resistance, lower hyperinsulinism. Diabetes is often caused by insulin resistance induced hyperinsulinemia and inappropriate treatment, persistent hyperinsulinemia stimulates the arterial wall smooth muscle and endothelial cells increases hepatic LDL and arterial lipid deposition; long-term hyperinsulinemia may raise blood pressure and weight gain can accelerate the development and progression of atherosclerosis. Lower hyperinsulinism, inter alia the proper use of oral hypoglycemic drugs, trace elements such as vanadium and chromium supplementation may increase insulin sensitivity.


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