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Incidence of diabetes complicated with urinary tract infecti

2017-10-04 08:34

Urinary tract infection refers to a large number of bacterial infections in the urinary tract, causing an inflammatory response to some part of the urinary tract. Including urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis disease and pyelonephritis. Urinary tract infection can be divided into upper urinary tract infection and lower urinary tract infection according to the location of infection. The former is mainly pyelonephritis, the latter mainly cystitis. Urinary tract infection can also be divided into two kinds of complexity and simplicity. The complexity refers to the abnormal urinary tract infection and functional anatomy, such as urinary tract caused by various causes of urinary tract obstruction, diabetes, urinary system congenital malformation, chronic kidney disease on the basis of the infection; simple urinary tract infection was not the case.

Incidence of diabetes complicated with urinary tract infection

The incidence rate of increase in UTI in patients with diabetes mellitus. 3 times the occurrence of UTI or bacteriuria than nondiabetic women with diabetes were 2 ~ 19%, UTI in women; men 2%. Diabetic pregnant women more opportunities for uti. In the urine bladder inflammation accounted for about 50% ~ 70%. The autopsy found suffering from diabetes, 408% patients with diabetic renal disease; biopsy, found suffering from chronic pyelonephritis was 10%. The acute renal papilla bad flowers are more common in diabetics than in non diabetics. A severe infection with high mortality is recommended.

Because infection aggravates diabetes and eventually lead to the loss of renal function, so early detection and timely treatment of the disease is very important.

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