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Dietotherapy method for treating diabetic nephropathy

2017-02-02 17:01

Now the city fast-paced life, let our diet has become many fast rhythm, hamburgers, French fries is affected by the Western diet, nutrition is not what, as everyone knows, in Chinese, we have some diet prescription for diabetic nephropathy, and we have the following Xiaobian finishing under.
1, mushrooms and tofu soup
2 pieces of tofu, mushrooms 5 ~ 6, spring onion 1 tablespoon water, about 2. 5 cups, 1 tbsp garlic sauce. Tofu slightly washed, dry, add oil, fry until golden crisp, remove and drain, set aside. Soak mushrooms, remove stalks, wash, drain water stand-by. Heat oil in about 1/2 tablespoons garlic, bean paste, add water, boil to boil, add mushrooms, boil, to taste and thick soup, add crisp tofu, to boil again, with salt and pepper, dish, sprinkle with spring onion, serve hot. This soup has hypoglycemic effect of kidney, suitable for diabetic nephropathy.
2, Ge dish pot fish
Diabetic diet: Almond 25 grams, 450 grams of GE food, pig's trotters 450 grams, fish 1, Momordica 1/5. Ge dishes washed, pig's trotters with cold water rinse, the fish fried yellow shovel. The amount of water to boil, put down the GE food, silver carp, pig's trotters, mangosteen, almond boil, simmer for 3 to 4 hours, the next salt.
3, dried duck soup
Lean duck half, wax gourd 1200 grams, Gorgon 50 grams, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel. Even the big white gourd peel. Duck with cold water rinse. The amount of water to the boil, add the melon, duck, tangerine peel, Gorgon, boil, simmered in 3 hours, the next salt. The soup beneficial kidney, diuresis, detumescence, hypoglycemic appetizer power. For diabetic nephropathy, edema, low back pain, proteinuria and other diseases.
Fried beef, beans 4
Beef 150 Kocse thick wire, green beans 250 grams (cut), 1 tbsp ginger, preserved 1 spoon. Fried green beans shovel. Shredded beef and seasonings for 10 minutes. Under the fried Ginger Beef and stir fry until cooked, add green beans, steamed into the stir fry, seasoning, thicken the dish.
The above is the "dietotherapy method" in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy that we should know is that the disease of diabetic nephropathy is an irreversible disease, disease to do a better job of diabetic nephropathy, in the current society for the patients, also need to consider more about the condition of diabetic nephropathy. Besides, it is important to pay attention to your diet after you know your condition.

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