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Diabetic nephropathy and the vegetarian diet

2017-07-16 14:38
In the Department of Endocrinology rounds, often see diabetic patients who suffer from excessive weight loss and repeated hypoglycemia. According to a 2013 in a community of Shanghai City diabetes nutrition survey report, the diabetic nephropathy patients, 46.11% patients with inadequate energy intake; calcium, zinc and copper, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, dietary fiber and other nutrients intake below the recommended amount. Explain diabetic nephropathy patients will control diet simple to understand, eat less the better, the more prime the better. Irrational dietary structure, not only to the blood sugar control inadvertently, but also cause malnutrition, metabolic disorders.
Light diet and vegetarian.
Light refers to less oil, less salt of a way of cooking, such as the choice of steaming, cooking, roasting, stewing, smoked, salad and so on. In order to improve the taste and smell of vegetarian food, often choose to add a lot of oil, salt and other spices with multi link fades, the way of cooking, so production will bring high energy intake to blood sugar, high salt intake influences blood pressure. Many people also ignore the important fact that vegetable oils and animal oils contain as much energy, and eating more than one can cause total energy levels to exceed standard levels. Because of the high quality protein, reduce plant food calcium, iron absorption, low dietary fiber and phytic acid intake affect the absorption of trace elements, the lack of a vegetarian is very easy to cause the trace elements and vitamins. Such as iron deficiency, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia; calcium deficiency, is not conducive to bone health; zinc deficiency, immune function and sexual desire; lack of B vitamins, affect the metabolic capability of material; lack of vitamin A, E, the gallbladder epithelial cells easy to fall off, resulting in the deposition of cholesterol, easy to form stones. At the same time, many patients are keen on cold dishes, but vegetables and lettuce provide nutrients are not the same. Some nutrients in vegetables need to be added with fat to absorb them, such as vitamin K, carotene, lycopene, etc..
Due to individual differences, patients with diabetic nephropathy should consult a professional dietitian in accordance with their own habits and habits, and work out a reasonable diet, nutrient intake and daily exercise.

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