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diabetic patients grasp the four elements of eating fruits

2017-07-16 14:44
Many diabetic patients do not dare to eat fruit, because many fruits eat very sweet, can raise blood sugar, make the illness appear again and again, then fruit can eat? How to eat?
Fruits are rich in variety, refreshing and popular. Fruits are rich in three kinds of nutrients: vitamins, inorganic salts, and dietary fiber, which play a special role in maintaining human health. For diabetics, giving up completely on fruit intake is regrettable and unhealthy. As long as the diabetic grasp the four elements of edible fruit, you can control both blood sugar and enjoy the benefits and pleasure of eating fruit.
The first factor: the timing of eating fruit. When the glycemic control is ideal, you can rest assured of the delicious fruit. These conditions are: fasting blood glucose control. 140 mg / dl and 2 hours after meal at 180 mg / dl, HbA1c below 7.5%, no hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia cases can eat fruits. If the blood sugar is unstable, patients can first tomatoes or cucumber and other vegetables as fruit to eat, and so on after the stable condition, and then choose fruit.
Second elements: time to eat fruit. General fruit as snacks to eat, which is in the middle of two meals (such as morning 10 or 3 p.m.) or 1 hours before going to bed to eat, do not advocate before or after meals to eat fruits, this can avoid disposable excessive carbohydrate intake, avoid pancreatic burden.
Third elements: the kinds of fruit to eat. The carbohydrate content of various fruits is between 6%-20%, and the fruit with relatively low sugar index and slower sugar content should be selected. Generally speaking, watermelon, apples, pears, oranges, kiwi fruit, sugar content is low, suitable for diabetics, banana, litchi, pineapple, red dates, hawthorn, grape sugar content is high, diabetes should not eat.
Fourth elements: the amount of fruit to eat. Although low sugar content of fruit suitable for eating, but eating too much, still difficult to control blood sugar. Every day can eat 200 grams of fruit (about 90 thousand calories), at the same time should be reduced by half (25 grams) of staple food. Keep the total calories daily unchanged. In addition, diabetics are told to monitor their blood sugar before and after 2 hours of eating, because there may be a difference between different patients, and see if they can eat the fruit and eat too much.

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