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How does diabetic nephrosis 5 period eat?

2017-09-13 17:32

For patients with diabetic nephropathy who have developed to the 5 stage, it is important to keep a tight grip on their diet, especially during the diagnosis and treatment. So, how does diabetic nephrosis 5 period eat?

How does diabetic nephrosis 5 period eat?

Diabetic nephrosis 5 period should strictly control the intake of sugar, such as low sugar vegetables can be appropriate to eat some, so that you can limit calories. Just boil the vegetables which are low in sugar and add a little bit of the ingredients. That's because the fiber in the vegetables is much more water, and the heat is less. It has the effect of satiety.

Diabetic nephrosis 5 period  can eat rice, flour and other staple foods, of course, such as oats, cornmeal and other coarse grains can also be eaten. That's because coarse grains contain more vitamins and high dietary fiber content. What you need to know is that dietary fiber also has the effect of lowering blood sugar, which helps patients control their blood sugar.

Diabetic nephrosis 5 period  can properly eat some peanuts, sesame and other things, and animal fats such as food can not be touched, eating will only make their illnesses become more and more serious.

5 diabetic nephropathy patients need to eat some high calcium low phosphorus things properly, like shrimp, milk, egg and other things, the patient may wish to eat a little, can help you add some nutrition.

Warm tip: once you get diabetic nephropathy, it is necessary to cooperate with the relevant treatment of drugs, but the diet is also very critical. Therefore, 5 patients with diabetic nephropathy in normal time, we must pay more attention to, you can eat something may wish to eat more, can not eat anything can not touch, but also needs long-term adherence.

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