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How to prevent diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-12 16:13
The incidence of diabetic nephropathy, mainly chronic hyperglycemia, or fluctuated, "three high" lead to glomerular damage, glomerular. That is to say the pathological changes in diabetic peripheral vascular disease, first of all, cause your kidney fibrosis, inflammation fibrosis damage your glomerular epithelial cells and filtration barrier function, promote again also cannot prevent the charged protein leakage of injured epithelial cells, the clinical proteinuria will appear. A large number of protein leakage, with independent damage factors of protein catabolism, and inflammatory reaction caused by. Progressive aggravation, and ultimately lead to renal interstitial fibrosis, toxins can not be excluded, the formation of uremia. Diabetic nephropathy has been plagued by more and more people, the disease prevention awareness has been popular, healthy people have begun actively to disease prevention, which will give you about the health of people should be how to prevent diabetic nephropathy. Primary prevention of diabetic nephropathy is a non selective prevention of the overall population, that is, to change the environmental factors and lifestyle, will lead to a variety of factors that reduce the likelihood of diabetes. With diabetes, excessive intake of calories, nutrition, obesity, lack of exercise and other factors are closely related, so we should pay attention to reduce calorie intake in daily life, to develop a "three low and one high" diet, low salt, low sugar, low fat, high fiber. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains of rice, don't eat too fine. In addition, every day to moderate physical exercise. Two prevention of diabetic nephropathy in the prevention of grade two, is to prevent the development of diabetic nephropathy. Hyperglycemia is the main factor leading to the development of diabetic nephropathy. If the blood glucose control is not good, the long-term high blood sugar, will lead to increased renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate and increase the size of the kidneys. But after glucose control, the kidneys can return to normal. If hyperglycemia persists, the kidney is not controlled, leading to further deterioration of the disease, leading to clinical diabetic nephropathy, progressive pathological damage. Therefore, the key to the prevention of diabetic nephropathy is to actively control blood sugar, prevent the disease from diabetes to diabetic nephropathy. The three level prevention of diabetic nephropathy is the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. At this point, the prevention and treatment of kidney disease and diabetes should be controlled from two aspects. Currently the most effective treatment with micro Chinese medicine treatment, timely control of kidney disease, repair damaged kidney function, prevent kidney fibrosis, combined with western medicine treatment, control of high blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol status. In addition to drug treatment, we should also cooperate with diet therapy, exercise therapy, psychological therapy, diabetic nephropathy, education and other means to delay the diabetic nephropathy complications actively and control (mainly the occurrence and development of chronic complications), try to minimize the pain in patients with diabetic nephropathy, improve the quality of life of patients. The above is the diabetes experts to introduce how to prevent the health of diabetic nephropathy knowledge, I hope to help you. The above content is for reference only, if you have other questions about diabetes, you can consult our experts, experts will give you detailed guidance.

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