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Diet therapy for patients with diabetic nephropathy Natural food

2017-01-24 13:53

Diet therapy of diabetic nephropathy: diabetic patients after illness will limit their diet. Diet therapy for patients with diabetic nephropathy. 

Natural food: 

Cucumber: rich in vitamins, minerals. And have medicinal value. Fresh cucumber can inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so eat the cucumber can lose weight. Diabetics often eat cucumber, blood sugar would not rise, there are certain hypoglycemic effect, because cold cucumber sex, bad taste. Cucumber to go dropsy, but eliminate skin are recommended, so as to avoid pesticide residue in the skin. 

Wolfberry: sexual flavour gan. Ping. Return to the liver. Kidney meridian. Mainly contains betaine genus alkaloid, and vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Chinese wolfberry has antihypertensive effect, has a slight inhibition of fat deposition in the liver cell and promote the role of the liver cells, have lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar. Use to treat kidney essence loss, lumbar debility, impotence, spermatorrhea, liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness faint, blurred vision. Invaded by food hot, wet with pixu (spleen deficient) and intestinal smooth. Edible medlar can be medicine. Steamed rice or porridge every time put 3-10 grams. Chinese wolfberry millet gruel earth used to boil, millet spleen can make up the defects of Chinese wolfberry. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can't wok to cook. 

Zucchini: sex cold taste food. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks zucchini squash into the lungs. Stomach. Kidney has clear heat diuretic, except vexed enfold, runfei cough, the function of detumescence fights. Can be used in the adjuvant treatment of diabetes edema abdominal distension. Vexed hot thirsty, and nephritis cirrhosis ascites. Zucchini also have embellish skin, eliminate carcinogens nitrosamines) mutation. 

Mushroom: contain more food fiber, mushroom contained 93.3% water, 2.9% protein, rich in selenium. Potassium. Rich in phosphorus. Niacin, a certain amount of calcium. Iron. Vitamin C, and a small amount of riboflavin. Thiamine. Have liver disease of diabetic patients with mushroom is one of the optional food, diabetic patients with dyspepsia of edible mushrooms, because its contain a variety of enzymes such as trypsin, can break down protein and fat. Mushrooms, blanch in boiling water before cooking it. Boiled water blanch the mushroom cooking is very delicious, don't eat too much at a time, fresh mushrooms or water hair good about two 2 dried mushrooms, eat easy should become angry. 


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