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What are the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy

2017-02-10 09:34

1, urine protein. At the onset of early diabetic nephropathy patients often appear symptoms of proteinuria, mild patients usually only have a small amount of protein in urine have symptoms, but with the development of the disease, patients have persistent proteinuria symptoms, this period for patients with kidney and also have a certain degree of damage.

2, anemia. In patients with diabetic nephropathy in mild or moderate disease are symptoms of anemia, the patient's own specific symptoms are pale, weak waist, body weakness, diabetes in patients with these symptoms must pay attention, this is likely to suffer from diabetic nephropathy.

3, edema. A typical symptom of edema and diabetic nephropathy, the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy in early stage will appear, but the symptom of edema is not obvious, but only part of organs will appear edema symptoms, but with the development of the disease, patients may have symptoms of systemic edema.

4, hypertension. Hypertension is a symptom of patients with diabetic nephropathy usually occurs after the onset of symptoms, this is very dangerous, the presence of hypertension is usually associated with persistent urinary protein and the patients must be timely for further treatment in the event of such symptoms, so as not to give themselves more harm.

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