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People with diabetes vigilance these 4 kinds of symptoms dev

2017-12-21 17:23

For diabetes, we are no stranger, to long-term high blood sugar, will lead to other chronic organ damage. Nowadays, the standard of living is improved. Therefore, many things that we consider to be enjoyable are very harmful to our health, such as various kinds of food. In many cases, healthy food is not tasty, delicious food is unhealthy, but all love to eat delicious.

People with diabetes vigilance these 4 kinds of symptoms develop into diabetic nephropathy!

Diabetic population is growing, diabetic patients should be wary of kidney damage, a serious complication - diabetic nephropathy. Under normal circumstances, the longer the duration of diabetes more prone to sugar and kidney. The kidney damage, itching does not hurt, there are no special clinical symptoms, resulting in many people have ignored the care of the kidneys.

Diabetic patients if these four conditions appear, be alert to diabetic nephropathy, quickly check the relevant functions of the renal medicine.

Eyelid edema: If you find eyelid edema in the morning, or lower extremity edema.

Visually Impaired: Diabetic patients should be alert to diabetic nephropathy and ocular complications if they have a loss of vision and are obscured.

Foam urine: If the usual urine, the urine surface a lot of small bubbles, a long time to go, and this is often the case, you need to quickly seek medical treatment, the sooner the disease is found, the greater the help for the treatment.

Unstable blood pressure: If there is a long period of blood pressure is difficult to stabilize in the safe range, quickly go to the hospital for examination.

In diabetic patients, the longer history more prone to suffer from diabetic nephropathy. Under normal circumstances, kidney damage occurs in 20 years or so, there will be microalbuminuria, about 10 years will be a small amount of proteinuria into large amounts of proteinuria. To a large number of proteinuria this stage is very dangerous, slow to uremia about 10 years. Once diabetic patients with a large number of proteinuria, urethritis developed more than ten times faster than other nephropathy.

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