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Diabetes diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-24 14:36

Diabetes diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy in recent years one of the significant increase in the incidence of major complications, emphasis must be placed on prevention. Good blood sugar control of diabetic nephropathy can reduce microalbumin urine or reversible pathological changes. Select glucose symptoms typical of diabetic nephropathy in children.

lowering drugs should be given not to aggravate kidney damage, hypoglycemia and other adverse reactions drug-free. Should start from small doses in patients with impaired renal function of diabetes using insulin, used short-acting insulin or insulin drug is appropriate. Abnormal glucose metabolism in patients with diabetic nephropathy, often complicated with abnormal lipid metabolism, metabolic acidosis, and other metabolic disorders. + Open low protein diet on diabetic nephropathy in patients with multiple metabolic disorders has significantly improved. Diabetic Kidney disease is one of the most serious complications of diabetes, is the main cause of end stage renal disease. Patients daily for prevention of patient treatment and the prognosis is very helpful.

What are the preventive measures in patients with diabetic nephropathy? will be explained below. Is more common in diabetic nephropathy of kidney disease, cause of diabetic nephropathy patients on treatment would be helpful. Renal damage in diabetic patients in the event of persistent proteinuria the irreversible condition usually progressed to end-stage renal failure. Has become the main cause of death in diabetic patients with diabetic nephropathy.

How do diabetic nephropathy hypertension treated?

Symptoms of diabetic nephropathy in children is more typical. Once the disease, warning is clear, almost all patients will have polydipsia polyuria, and result in increased nocturia and nocturnal thirsty love drinking phenomenon. More common symptoms in children with more food, ranging from increasing levels of appetite, some slightly more than before, some children even exponentially increasing appetite. But some children with symptoms of the lack of food, mainly for weight loss and fatigue. Therefore, diabetic nephropathy in children is not the same. Its onset is due to pancreatic islet b-cells are damaged, caused by reduced insulin secretion in children with. When more than 90% of pancreatic b cell injury, appears the clinical symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. Its fast onset, symptoms of diabetic nephropathy is often suddenly appear. Due to acute illness, parents often recall symptoms starting time. Children mostly type I diabetic nephropathy of diabetic nephropathy, the onset of pancreatic b cell injury is more serious and, therefore, insulin treatment must begin immediately after diagnosis in order to survive.

Insulin therapy is fundamental measures of treatment of diabetic nephropathy in children, but also to last a lifetime. And treatment of diabetic nephropathy in children include diet, exercise therapy and psychological therapy in three aspects. Experts would like to underline here is that treatment of diabetic nephropathy in children is a comprehensive, of the 4 treatments should complement each other, the only way to receive better treatment.

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