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Fundus hemorrhage caused by diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-12 15:50
Description of the disease:My father had 15 years of diabetes, the last three years a lot of diseases, mainly kidney and fundus hemorrhage, renal index was 150 to 180 between the serum creatinine, urine protein + two, May 2012 began to use the insulin injection method is taken, three short and long, fasting blood glucose was normal, postprandial blood glucose between 10 to 12, the blood pressure is about 80-150. Blind right eye slightly light, eye blurred vision, visual acuity at around 0.4.Diabetes mellitus is a kind of endocrine disease, which is characterized by polydipsia, polyuria, eating and wasting, but many patients are not so typical. Directive opinion: blood sugar is higher than normal continuously, it is diabetic, so the treatment that should notice to be treated, can pass food and exercise first, if still cannot control, want to add the medicaments that reduce blood sugar to treat. Usually pay attention to the control of the diet, do not eat too much, do not eat too much sugar and starch content of the food is too high, regular monitoring of blood sugar, timely adjustment of drugs. Wish health and happiness.

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