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Diabetic nephropathy merger JiaJian

2017-01-24 14:09

: diabetes hypertension prevalence rate is much higher than in patients without diabetes. In the absence of renal damage in patients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension prevalence rate is about 70%; Where there is a small amount of albuminuria in patients with diabetes, the prevalence was 90%; In a large number of proteinuria, as high as 93%. According to the survey, at present our country has more than 3000 patients with diabetes, of which about 2000 complicated with hypertension. If there are both hypertension and diabetes mellitus patients, the health is more serious threat. They suffer from severe cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, the risk of kidney damage, such as retinopathy and mortality are exist alone more than 2 times of high blood pressure or diabetes. Studies have shown that in patients with both hypertension and diabetes, effective antihypertensive treatment can obviously reduce the risk of the disease and mortality, improve life quality, the benefit is significant. As a result, "actively control the diabetes hypertension" has become the consensus of physicians and patients. 

First of all, it is even more diligently for scientific treatment. Now the etiology and mechanism of diabetes and hypertension is not very clear, would be difficult to effect a radical cure. Therefore is the once had, lifelong part ". Only adhere to the correct way to lifelong treatment, can get good results. It is important to note that don't "fool" by some "view". For example: a treatment hypertension, diabetes can be thoroughly "grubbing", "cure", let them with your "farewell", etc. In a word, do not let go of scientific and effective treatment. 

Next, want to more effectively implement the healthy way of life. Because a healthy lifestyle is the treatment of hypertension, also is the indispensable foundation and conditions, diabetes is also the important measures for the treatment of these two diseases. 

A healthy lifestyle includes: to gradually achieve the rational diet and maintain ideal weight, the weight (kg) = height (cm) - 105. This requires to keep diet appropriate amount, and low fat, low salt, more vegetables as the "main melody" diet. According to the study, obese people to lose weight 10 kilograms, systolic blood pressure can reduce 5 ~ 20 mm hg; And reasonable diet can lower systolic blood pressure of 8 ~ 14 mm hg. 


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