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Above, diabetic nephropathy caused by skin symptoms.

2017-01-24 14:03

Skin for each of us is very important, it is human body and the external environment of the isolation layer, plays a protective role for our health, at the same time by some of its reflection can also know that our human diseases, such as some of the symptoms of skin can tell us the happening of the diabetic nephropathy, can let us in the symptoms of the diabetic nephropathy can go to a doctor as early as possible. 

Skin erythema: it's like a burn blisters. Wall a very thin and contains transparent slurry, no glow around the bubble. Normally erythema grow on the back or bottom of the fingers, toes, hand, foot and edge, can be a single or multiple, in a few weeks to heal, but it will appear again and again. 

Itchy skin: some diabetic nephropathy can occur in patients with systemic or local skin and dry desquamation, itching. Women more frequently and diabetic nephropathy patients with vaginal itching. 

Cervical inflammation, may be present in the cervical occipital pus, head of prickly heat inflammation, a sense of tenderness, and can develop to boil or cellulitis. Pus discharge after healing, but a relapse again in the near future. 

Abnormal sweating: often sweating, for no reason, and more in upper limbs or trunk, sweating occur in some patients with diabetic nephropathy. 

Foot gangrene: diabetic nephropathy patients can often foot pain, temperature, dry and crack, prone to ulcer, the fester, necrosis, and difficult to heal, or even occurred perforation. 

Xanthoma: in limb flexor side, hip, neck, knee place such as the skin often can see crowds of yellow orange nodules or small pimples, around to flush, and have the itchy feeling. 

Above, diabetic nephropathy caused by skin symptoms. 


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