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What kind of dialysis therapy is suitable for advanced diabetic nephropathy?

2017-01-25 17:21
What kind of dialysis therapy is suitable for advanced diabetic nephropathy?
Dear Hello, nephropathy, renal physicians, recently in the Advisory area there are a lot of diabetes consultation about diabetes, "said today in front of disease" has been on diabetic nephropathy in detail, we do not know whether you have read, do not know whether we have some help also, no concerned friends can seriously look at the side there for pathogenesis of diabetes, and treatment measures and preventive measures, hope to have a question answering to the question, "said today in the disease mainly for everyone to talk about advanced diabetic nephropathy for which dialysis therapy?
With the progression of diabetic nephropathy, the function of the kidney also decreased gradually in late may cause severe azotemia, hyperkalemia, hypertension, edema, acidosis and other serious complications in the treatment of a series, although the best method is the pancreas and kidney transplantation, but due to the limited conditions, the majority of patients still only by dialysis therapy to prolong life, whether the choice of what kind of dialysis therapy is better, but also to be decided according to the specific circumstances of the patient.
In general, the vast majority of patients with end-stage diabetic nephropathy, using continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, especially the creatinine clearance rate was 10 ~ 15 ml / min, more suitable time for peritoneal dialysis can reduce the cardiovascular burden, and can effectively remove some toxic substances, but also can improve the neurological symptoms. In patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, you can also use this dialysis therapy, because continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis therapy does not increase the burden on the heart, but also better control of hypertension symptoms. Furthermore, the dialysis therapy can control blood glucose by intraperitoneal injection of insulin subcutaneous injection, to avoid pain, the operation is simple and convenient, it needs complex machines like hemodialysis, treatment costs are also relatively cheaper, so continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis therapy is widely used.
But when the dialysate in peritoneal dialysis, glucose can be partly absorbed, some patients can absorb excess glucose in long-term peritoneal dialysis due to hyperlipidemia and obesity. It should be noted that the incidence of peritonitis during peritoneal dialysis is relatively high, and special attention should be paid to the strict operating procedures and disinfection procedures for peritoneal dialysis.
Now you understand? I hope everyone is treated in really understand their condition under the premise, remember not blind treatment, three drug, many drugs on the human body are very harsh, actively cooperate with medical treatment, good health!

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