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Prevention of diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-26 15:55

We really need to understand the prevention method of diabetic nephropathy in the life, because the understanding of the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, is able better to prevent the disease in the future life. To avoid the occurrence of diabetic nephropathyand the emergence of some health hazards. It is necessary to stay away from the disease earlier.

Common preventive measures:

1, expert's suggestions, to strictly control blood sugar. Blood sugar continues to rise, will induce fat cholesterol metabolism disorders, promote glomerular, renal capillary intima thickening and hardening degeneration, so that the loss of normal function, causing kidney disease.

2, adequate intake of vitamins, trace elements. In particular, vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron, etc., can play a protective role in the kidney.

3, all patients with diabetes over the course of more than 5 years to regularly check the renal function of urinary protein qualitative urine protein quantitation of 24 hours and pay attention to the blood pressure to do fundus examination.

4, when conditions allowed should do uromicroprotein and beta 2- microglobulin determination to early detect diabetic nephropathy. If microalbuminuria increase, it is necessary to do this examine 3 times in 3 ~ 6 months to determine whether persistent microalbuminuria.

5, experts pointed out that if the determination is increased and albumin can exclude other factors which caused the increase of urinary tract infection, hypertensive patients should be alert and pay attention to blood glucose control, making it possible to close to normal. If the blood pressure, 18.7/12KPA should be actively reduced blood pressure to maintain the normal range at the same time, it should also be stressed that low salt, low protein diet, high quality protein is preferred.

This article introduces the content above is the disease of diabetic nephropathy prevention measures, hope to understand the preventive measures in the future can help people better to avoid these predisposing factors, prevention of the disease of diabetic nephropathy, and make people really effective from this disease have good health.


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