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What are the consequences of severe diabetes?

2017-05-20 11:30

Diabetes is considered to be one of the three killers of human life in medicine. Mainly because of the increased blood glucose in patients with diabetes can easily lead to complications, these complications also because of the presence of treatment of primary disease, seriously affect the health of patients, diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious chronic complications of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy so, what kind of consequences? Here we are together to learn more about.

diabetic nephropathy

1. glomerulosclerosis: a large number of glomeruli in the kidney to urine filtering effect. But in patients with diabetic nephropathy will appear the phenomenon of glomerular sclerosis, which can lead to glomerular function damage, so patients in the body can not excrete waste, the final result is caused by uremia. For patients with diabetes renal uremia in the urinary system relatively high incidence and serious complication of diabetic nephropathy, the onset time is longer, the incidence rate of glomerulosclerosis is higher.

2. bladder muscle weakness: diabetic nephropathy if the disease is difficult to control, it will cause local nerve dysfunction, so that the control of bladder contraction muscle effects. The patient will appear to be unable to clean urine, when the urine is stored in the bladder, and because the patient's blood sugar is high, so that bacteria in the bladder urine reproduction, and finally may cause cystitis. At the same time, because the bladder muscle disease is chronic, patients are often difficult to detect.

3. cystitis, pyelonephritis: diabetic nephropathy patients if the disease continues to develop, there may be consequences include loss of phagocytosis of white blood cells in the body of the bacteria, so that the local immunity is poor, resulting in bacterial invasion occurred cystitis. If the bacteria spread from the bladder up, or with the blood circulation to the kidneys, may cause bacterial infection of the kidney, the common is pyelonephritis.

In diabetic nephropathy, female patients are more susceptible to the disease because of their physiological structures. Therefore, in patients with diabetic nephropathy need to effectively control their blood sugar, but also should pay attention to regularly check their urine and blood, such as caused by cystitis or pyelonephritis patients should actively cooperate with medical treatment, so as not to aggravate the disease again.

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