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The method of keeping blood glucose stable in diabetic patie

2017-12-03 16:16

It is very important for diabetic patients to maintain a good state of mind in their treatment. They must not be quick. The most important thing is to have reasonable exercise therapy to achieve the best results.

The method of keeping blood glucose stable in diabetic patients!

Regular exercise. Exercise is also a key measure for "how to keep blood sugar stable" because regular exercise can not only enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance, but also increase the sensitivity of muscle tissue and other tissues to insulin and reduce insulin resistance in the body of diabetic patients, increase the use of sugar, improve metabolism, so that blood sugar dropped. Therefore, patients with diabetes can choose the appropriate exercise for their own exercise, the safest step is to take a walk every day, if you insist 30-40 minutes of walking, will be of great help to stabilize blood sugar.

Reasonable diet. Reasonable diet is the best way for "how to keep blood sugar stable".The correct diet control should be that all foods containing artificial sugars can not be eaten. All grains, vegetables and fish eggs can be eaten, Into the amount. Staple food mainly cereals, mixed crude eat, control of 200-400 grams a day, eat beans and soy products, non-staple food meat and vegetables with vegetarian-based, about 1 kg of fresh vegetables, meat a day can not exceed 1 two 1 egg, milk half a catty. In addition to drink plenty of water.

Strictly quit smoking and drinking. Smoking, drinking can lead to unstable blood sugar, because alcohol and tobacco on hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, lipid-lowering drugs have an interfering effect, reducing efficacy, but also have some toxicity, prompting the occurrence of diabetic complications.

Correct treatment. Correct treatment of diabetes should pay attention to early treatment, the sooner the better. The first is to find early, as far as possible in the impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting stage found abnormalities, as early as possible interventions to prevent the development of diabetes; Second, adhere to the treatment of diabetes, as long as the blood glucose control in the normal range, and can be like normal work, but can not stop drug casually; three to go to the hospital for regular treatment, do not hearsay; four is to carry out comprehensive treatment.

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