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What is the range of blood sugar control is normal

2017-12-11 17:18

The body's blood sugar must be maintained in the tolerance range, the body will feel comfortable and strong, otherwise it will not only cause the body tired weakness, dizziness, rough breathing, nausea and vomiting and adverse conditions, must maintain a certain level of internal organs and organizations need to maintain, maintain normal blood glucose will not easily induce a variety of chronic diseases, such as hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and so on.

What is the range of blood sugar control is normal

In general, normal fasting blood glucose blood glucose concentration was 3.61~6.11mmol/L. fasting blood glucose concentration is more than 7.0mmol/L called high blood glucose. Blood glucose concentration is lower than 3.61mmol/L called hypoglycemia. If fasting plasma glucose was more than 6.7mmol/L, more than 7.8mmol/L, 2 repeated measurements can be diagnosed as diabetes. Fasting blood glucose than 11.1mmol/L, said little or lack of insulin secretion. Therefore fasting blood glucose, increased significantly, without other examination, can be diagnosed as diabetes.

After meal blood sugar will rise, blood sugar fluctuation can also be seen in every human endocrine health. 1 hour postprandial blood glucose should be maintained at 6.7~9.4mmol/L, up to no more than 2 hours postprandial blood glucose: 11.1mmol/L. = 7.8mmol/L. three hours postprandial blood glucose will return to normal.

Pregnant women have a pregnancy may be beneficial to normal blood glucose, fasting is not more than 5.1mmol/L, pregnant women, 1 hour postprandial blood glucose values for the detection of maternal diabetes detection, authoritative data showed that pregnant women 1 hours after meal shall not exceed 2 hours after meal 10.0mmol/L. pregnant women with normal blood sugar level general provisions shall not exceed 11.1mmol/L, the value of 2 hours of normal blood glucose the provisions shall not exceed 8.5mmol/L. of pregnant women after meal


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