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What drugs to eat diabetic nephropathy

2017-01-26 16:30
Description of the disease:Hello doctor, my father has diabetes has been almost 15 years, but the time is too long because of illness complication is more, he has now got diabetic nephropathy, what effect did not eat a lot of drugs, like medicine and eating are almost the same, I don't want to know exactly what to eat can help now.Treatment of nephropathy: early stage, in order to control the disease, and will not affect the renal function, we should actively use the insulin treatment; second measures is to control blood pressure in patients with hypertension is another important factor to aggravate diabetic nephropathy, so patients should be light diet, less salt, the use of antihypertensive drugs, smoking. Severe kidney disease first, patients should be in the appropriate limit protein intake; the second is to avoid urinary tract infection, recurrent urinary tract infection may accelerate the development of diabetic nephropathy; third is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, traditional Chinese medicine has abundant experience in the treatment of kidney diseases, people can treat the syndrome differentiation and treatment has great significance if the development of diabetic nephropathy; finally to uremia, the need for peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, in order to put the waste in the blood can be excreted, kidney transplantation is the only way to recovery of renal function. Fundus disease treatment principle is to use insulin as soon as possible, to control blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipids, different stages of the treatment plan of the fundus lesions are different. Suggest that such a situation to the diabetes hospital system treatment, I wish you health!

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