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Clinical experience of traditional Chinese medicine in treating diabetic nephropathy(3)

2017-01-24 14:11

3. The "liver and spleen kidney with filling, the weight of kidney; Yin and Yang are filling, lay particular stress on Yin" to treat the point 

The key pathogenesis of collateral disease as the first responsibility is to the spleen, spleen disease start disease. Mind you, mainly because the patients fat GanHou flavor, alcohol, tobacco, broiled , and weary internal injuries, etc., and cause the spleen and stomach. And modern stimulation, cause diseases with ease, and fire, burning immersion, also cause diabetes. And "of the five zang-organs, poor will" and kidney, renal failure is taken sealed, subtle leaked, long jing yuan, a and Yang, water drinking cohesion, endogenous turbid poison, and become a "block and repulsion", "dangerous syndrome of kidney failure". So collateral nephropathy more accountability of liver, spleen and kidney. Treatment when, according to the certificate or partial filling a dirty or two dirty, three dirty with filling. But three dirty, heavy kidney alone, therefore, clinical use of liuwei dihuang tang flavored treatment, which embodies treatment of the disease when headed by kidney. But the kidney is the dirty of the fire and water, hide true Yin and lu yuan Yang, so the treatment or fill the Yin, or help them Yang, or and complement of Yin and Yang, but clinical lay particular stress on nourishing Yin. The above said know when to parker, left to drink, consistent decoct, qi chrysanthemum pill, economic life and kidney pills are predominantly nourishing kidney Yin, even the golden warming Yang kidney bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia tonga with laurel, embody the "good repair will in Yin and Yang Yang, Yang Yin help and biochemical boundless" the implied. 


4. "combined with western medicine research, insist on promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis" anticoagulant treatment is an important link 

Modern medicine thinks diabetic nephropathy is glomerular microvascular lesions caused by a variety of reasons, eventually lead to glomerular sclerosis, anticoagulant, the improvement of glomerular hemodynamics is the main therapeutic principles. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, collateral, for a long time, will be weakened, qi and Yin, deficiency of blood transportation weakness, Yin deficiency, blood line traces from a long illness, and kidney long illness into the complex of blood stasis syndrome. In recent years, the rapid development of various testing methods, which is beneficial to make judgment on blood stasis syndrome from the microscopic view, such as blood coagulation, anticoagulation and fibrinolysis, platelet function and blood rheology examination, etc. Treatment when tapping in parallel, exorcism when attention dehumidification, clear heat, turbidity, detoxification, we think is of particular importance to the application of the principle of emphasis on promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis in the treatment of the disease. Due to the benefit of the product more has the disadvantages of indicates full bilge greasy, benefit qi and blood, Yin and Yang in treating diabetic nephropathy or nourished dirty at the same time, such as liver and spleen kidney when matched with qi and remove stasis drugs, can make the tonic medicines lively chang rong, and indicates the disadvantages of be bored with, and to give full play to the benefit of force. Commonly used drugs with angelica, salvia miltiorrhiza, cortex moutan, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, peach kernel, safflower, tian notoginseng, radix paeoniae rubra, radix curcumae, earthworm, leeches, rhizoma sparganii, rhizoma zedoariae, rhubarb, pubescent Holly root, motherwort, winged euonymus twig, etc. Treatment of diabetic nephropathy in throughout the promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis method, can make the curative effect of nourishing Yin this drug is bring out the best in each other. 



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