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Traditional Chinese medicine 5 strokes can naturally reduce blood pressure

2017-02-10 14:00

Traditional Chinese medicine 5 strokes can naturally reduce blood pressure

Hypertension is a common disease in the elderly, according to TCM "calming liver wind" theory, the sun, Baihui, Fengchi acupoint on the body massage, can not only adjust the microvascular vasomotion, relieve spasm of arterioles, and can dredge Qi and blood, yin and Yang, has a very significant effect on the prevention of and the treatment of hypertension. Some patients with hypertension in the long-term treatment, the following 10 methods to reduce blood pressure.

A massage, Baihui

Each person is the central Baihui in the head. You can hand immediately Baihui clockwise rotation, a circle for a shot, every shot at least 32. The biggest advantage of this method lies in that it can lower blood pressure Shenqing Nanjing brain.

Two, breathing relaxation method

This is the other nine kinds of depressurization anticipation, the patient sits in a chair or sofa, correct posture, eyes straight ahead, arms drooping naturally, hands on the thighs, knees at 90 degrees, feet shoulder width apart, muscles relax, breathe evenly.

Three, Anrou Temple

With fingers on his temples, clockwise rotation, rotation every week for a shot, each about 32 beat. This is the role of Mingmu Qingnao, Shufeng jiebiao, headache.

Four, massage Fengchi

With both hands thumb Anrou bilateral Fengchi, clockwise rotation, a week for a total of 32 shot shot, need to do. The effect of Mingmu Qingnao refreshing, blood pressure.

Five, friction on both sides of the neck

With the left hand palm thenar wipe right sternocleidomastoid muscle, then, with the right hand palm rub left neck, once for a total of 32 shot shot. The beauty of this method is to relieve spasm of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, and the effect can play to reduce blood pressure.


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