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Longer treatment of kidney disease in your persistence

2017-05-05 18:54

Kidney disease is a complicated disease, longer course, lingering and difficult treatment, must unremittingly to drug treatment, even if the treatment has a good curative effect, consolidation therapy is at least one or two years. The difficulty of the treatment of kidney disease, the time should be longer.

Treatment of kidney disease in TCM has certain advantages. It is through to repair the renal tissue, an antidote against the disease, improve renal function, the renal disease is well controlled. But to achieve good curative effect to have a process, requires a certain period of time. Only by adhering to the service for a period of time after drug to see effect; and in the course of treatment is often due to cold, fatigue, mood swings, improper diet and other reasons caused by kidney disease recurrence. Therefore we must strengthen confidence in the treatment, especially to seize the best timing of treatment.

In clinical practice we often send the patients or parents go to two extremes of the treatment of the disease, it is not paid enough attention to the child's condition and prognosis, treatment, medication not perseverance, was able to cure the patient for the delay time, and eventually became the last second is dead. The mental burden is too heavy, because the treatment of the doctor is always a lack of confidence, not with the treatment, some even to the children themselves prescription. In the end, still no effect. However, the diagnosis and treatment of disease of any expert have an understanding of the course of the disease, and the curative effect of the play also has one from the quantitative change to change the stage. So the frequent replacement of the doctor is taboo. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as the parents for the children's urine test each of the subtle changes in nervous, virtually give children caused great psychological burden, is not conducive to disease recovery.

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