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What kind of mental health care method does chronic nephriti

2017-05-12 17:32

Why is the patient of chronic nephritis prone to treatment errors? This is mainly reflected in several aspects: at the beginning of the disease lack the necessary understanding; seeking quick healing eager; often transform treatment and drugs, gullible or waste money, and the delay in disease treatment; disease due to highly swollen or long take hormone, cytotoxic drugs and side effects "body image change, such as hair, moon face, central obesity, acne, hirsutism female patient voice change, menstrual disorders, and decreased immune function; due to dietary restrictions caused by food boring, poor food intake, thus violating orders steal salt, monosodium glutamate and sodium, leading to exacerbations, repeated effect; a depressed, impulsive self injury, easy to form a depression, tired of treatment in many complex negative emotion, give up all measures" Poguanposhuai "behavior, almost self mutilation or self Kill.

So, how to eliminate the chronic nephritis patients of this kind of psychology and treatment errors?

1, to strengthen the understanding and study of disease knowledge, disease early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, stage treatment;

2, under the existing conditions, to seek accurate diagnosis of disease, accurately guide treatment and reliable curative effect, so as to avoid detours";

3, regulate their doctor seeking behavior;

4, to establish confidence in the fight against disease and optimistic attitude towards life, good mood and mental state is also an important means of cooperation with the treatment;

5, for the support and cooperation of friends and relatives, to create a good doctor-patient relationship and good health, life and work environment, optimistic face life, to overcome irritability, sadness, depression, apathy, prone to depression, a negative emotions;

6, a reasonable diet, eat less salt and less phosphorus, red bean, mung bean, cooked garlic, less nutrients, vitamins etc.

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