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Can glomerulonephritis be treated?

2017-05-25 11:35

Can glomerulonephritis be cured? How long can a chronic glomerulus be cured? What is the key to the treatment?. Different therapies, treatment time is different, of course, the effect of treatment is also different. Now let's talk about how to treat traditional Chinese Medicine

Glomerulonephritis is a group of progressive, immunological, inflammatory and primary glomerular diseases caused by a variety of causes. Many have the onset of slow or hidden, the disease is protracted, the course of disease is long, with varying degrees of proteinuria, hematuria and tube type urine, with or without edema, hypertension and varying degrees of renal dysfunction and other clinical features.


Can glomerulonephritis be cured? In fact, how long can chronic nephritis be cured? First, the treatment, and the two is related to diet, care. Two factors determine the therapeutic effect of patients with chronic nephritis. Chronic nephritis is an allergic disease of Streptococcus infection. The incidence of chronic nephritis is a small number of acute nephritis, because of no treatment and change to chronic. Because of the insidious onset of chronic nephritis, many patients are difficult to detect early, and when they are aware, the natural cells of the kidney have begun to damage.

The patient had no apparent manifestations of acute glomerulonephritis, but the inflammation developed slowly and became glomerulonephritis after several years. So, if you start to repair the renal cells for treatment, prevent and repair the renal cells of the lesion, so when in renal cells of treatment, clinical symptoms disappear naturally disappeared, restore the normal metabolic function of kidney.

Can glomerulonephritis be cured? These questions are answered in detail on the subject. I hope all of you will be satisfied. Patients in life must pay attention to diet, because nephritis patients on the diet is actually very strict requirements, so we must pay attention to. Xiaobian here, I wish the patient friend will recover soon!

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