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Why kidney complex will be repeated rebound

2017-01-24 17:28

When a sudden attack or with misfortune, we will first think of is to protect themselves and their closest people. But in the face of kidney complex why repeated attacks this question, we are determined to protect themselves are powerless to do anything. It seems lack of kidney specialist He Ruiqi authority of this station to the guidance of nephropathy, we simply can't do anything!
First, according to the He Ruiqi's disease experts explain, patients often have high blood pressure and kidney comprehensive performance, so it is necessary to do regular blood pressure detection, in addition, urine routine and renal function tests also regularly, every day to eat salt up to no more than 3G will have good curative effect.
Second, due to the resistance of the kidney is relatively low, it is necessary to do a good job of daily health and physical exercise, to avoid a cold. Every day a good mood is actually a little influence on the resistance.
Third proteins in human blood filtration and recovery are relying on the renal function of patients with renal synthesis although the loss of a lot of protein every day, but cannot supply protein blindly, increased the burden on the kidneys, for protecting kidney is not what a good thing. In fact, the total amount of protein to get to the needs of the human body every day with the amount of urine from the loss can be.
Finally, easily lead to allergic to seafood, containing more fat fat and spicy cold food may stimulate the Kidney Pathological factors. So we must actively away.
No longer want Shenzong repeated attacks, we should institute director He Ruiqi with the national survey of nephropathy nephropathy hospital attached to the site I learn more hands, not to mention the VHP immune therapy "is that we can rely on the final treatment of Shenzong, what we need to worry about?

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