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What foods does High blood sugar , high blood pressure , hig

2018-02-13 18:07

What foods does hypertension patients can not eat? High salt food. Salt is the main component of sodium chloride, sodium slip left can cause increased extracellular fluid, increased cardiac output, blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, therefore, salty foods should be avoided. High-heat food. High-calorie foods can induce obesity, obesity, high incidence of hypertension than normal weight. Hypertensive patients with multiple overweight or obese. High-fat, high-cholesterol foods. Try to use lean meat, fat, trotters, chicken skin, duck skin containing high cholesterol, high calorie, causing atherosclerosis. Avoid fried foods such as twist, pancakes or pastries. Cooking should adopt vegetable oil, avoid animal oil.

What foods does High blood sugar , high blood pressure , high blood fat , high uric acid patients can not eat?

Got diabetes mean eat less staple food? In fact, this is not the case, if the food is not enough, energy will be lacking, lack of energy will make the body in a negative energy state, diabetes does not mean that the body should be in a state of negative energy, it will make the spirit And the body does not meet.

What foods does High cholesterol patients can not eat? High-fat food. Pork pork, ribs, fat cattle, fat sheep, etc., the fat content in the total amount of food 50% to 60%, eat less. There are also some easily overlooked, high-fat foods such as walnuts, melon seeds, cashews, hawaii, sweetmeat, etc. These nuts contain more fat than meat, and the nuts in these foods help control blood lipids, but the amount is crucial Do not eat too much.

All kinds of alcohol. People with high blood lipids should stop drinking alcohol. Because the greatest harm of alcohol is damage to the liver, drinking can cause high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and serum triglyceride increased. And alcohol contained in alcohol can affect liver and kidney metabolism.

High-sugar foods. Even if you do not eat meat, just eat, the body still will be the excess nutrients into fat, so that blood lipids or control is not good. So those high-sugar foods that let us ingest more calories still have to be eat less.

What foods does gout patients can not eat? Eat less high-fructose foods. Gout patients "enemies" in addition to a variety of purine-containing foods, there are "fructose" foods. Gout patients should eat less sweet fruit, especially fructose content higher fruit. Because of the increase of fructose in the blood, the content of uric acid in blood uric acid and urine will rapidly increase. In addition, some beverages will add "fructose syrup." Therefore, patients with gout should pay attention to look at the ingredients before eating table, eat less foods containing fructose.

Diet should be low protein. Gout patients use milk, cheese, skim milk and egg protein part. Because they are both high-quality proteins rich in essential amino acids, they provide the constant need for tissue metabolism, with little purine and little adverse effects on gout. Yogurt contains more lactic acid, it is not suitable for drinking.


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