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How Many Actions Do You Do That Seem to Protect the Kidney B

2018-02-24 18:16

Some people do not pay attention to the behavior of kidney injury in life, some people want to protect the kidney but accidentally hurt the kidney, resulting in the renal function irreparable. How many actions do you do that seem to protect the kidney but actually hurt the kidney? 

How Many Actions Do You Do That Seem to Protect the Kidney But Actually Hurt the Kidney

Eat more protein powder. Protein powder is divided into vegetable protein powder and animal protein powder. For patients with nephropathy, plant protein powder not only has a low absorption rate, but also increases the burden of kidney when metabolized out of vitro.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with nephropathy eat more food supplement protein, such as: meat, eggs, 100g meat is enough per day. No extra protein needed. And protein does not help improve resistance.

Do not change medicine. Generally speaking, doctors prescribe drugs according to the patient's condition. There are different treatment plans and drug combinations at different stages. However, some patients with nephropathy are reluctant to change medicines because they feel that the medicine given by the doctor for the first time works very well. After the doctor prescribes a new drug, they will taken with the previous medicine.

Not only does it do little to help the disease, but it also increases the metabolic burden of the kidneys and ultimately accelerates the process of uremia.

Some patients will believe these words, stimulating food can not be eaten, affecting kidney function. But kidney disease patients lose a lot of protein, need appropriate supplementation of protein. Meat as a source of high quality protein, the structure composition of amino acid, very close to human needs. High conversion rate. Very suitable for nephrotic patients as the first source of protein supplementation.

Can't be tired. Doctor can advise patient to pay more attention to rest, cannot overwork, some kidney disease patient is very obedient, lie on sofa all day long. This kind of practice, not only kidney disease patient, even ordinary person also can scrap.

Patients should not always stay on the sofa, do some exercise, through proper exercise to enhance their immunity. But pay attention to exercise needs to be gradual, otherwise prone to acute kidney damage.


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