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What is called proteinuria PRO

2017-01-26 08:28

What is called albuminuria PRO when the patient friends go to the hospital to check, to get the test results test, if showed proteinuria of PRO, will be confused and disoriented. PRO does not recognize the protein urine. What is called proteinuria PRO. Today, I follow the site of the kidney specialist hospital affiliated to the kidney experts together to learn about it.
Normal urine every day 2~4g containing proteins, especially albumin, but the vast majority have been tubular reabsorption, so the excretion of urine protein is minimal. Healthy adults excretion of urinary protein per day PRO only 40~80mg, it is often prescribed for negative results.
What is above is the analysis of the PRO protein in the urine protein urine PRO, if you still have what doubt, contact free kidney specialist hotline 4000-500-999 010-61596188 can come to our hospital for further examination, the address: East Yanjiao Development Zone Yingbin Road No. 27.
The principle of PRO and physiology of proteinuria. Physiological proteinuria PRO, for normal daily urine output of protein, the upper limit of 200mg. The incidence of proteinuria was increased in PRO, proteinuria increased more than 200mg, and proteinuria was positive in PRO test. Proteinuria PRO is associated with a large part of renal disease, it is an objective indicator of kidney disease.

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