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IGA nephropathy is how to trigger

2017-01-24 17:00

The disease can be everywhere in life to see, IGA nephropathy in recent years is in a kind of kidney disease, the incidence rate of our country so high, everyone should be attention, especially for the disease is to cause, many people do not understand that, that let the disease continue to develop, and make yourself have side effects serious. So, IGA nephropathy is how to trigger? We are affiliated with the kidney disease of the kidney hospital experts to tell us.
IGA nephropathy is how to trigger? Our hospital kidney experts pointed out that for the life of a cold have a fever, tonsillitis, show the naked eye or urine occult blood, are quite easy to very easy to induce IGA nephropathy, recurrent infection, the vast majority of patients with IGA nephropathy in the body showed occult blood anomalies when go to the hospital for medical treatment.
The cause of IGA nephropathy may also be caused by a number of inflammation. The renal glomerular mesangial cells of the patient will be stimulated by inflammation to produce inflammatory factors, which will result in a large number of immune complexes precipitated in the patient's kidney, and ultimately lead to disease.
In addition, according to the survey, IGA nephropathy has a certain genetic predisposition, generally speaking, IGA nephropathy has a family history, IGA nephropathy has a certain degree of genetic predisposition.
Our hospital experts say, IGA nephropathy and three major causes of the disease is easy to be ignored:
1, kidney poisoning. The most common cause of nephrotoxicity is the drug, including the direct toxicity and allergy of the drug. Some drugs may not have an adverse effect on the normal kidney, but may lead to more serious and even irreversible damage to the kidney.
2, pregnancy. About the impact of pregnancy on IGA nephropathy, various reports. Most of the patients in the study concluded that the effect of pregnancy on IGA nephropathy was greater than that of small lesions, membranous nephropathy and mild non IGA mesangial proliferative lupus nephritis. For patients with IGA nephropathy with normal blood pressure and renal function, pregnancy had no significant effect on the natural course of renal disease.
However, compared with the non DN peers may exhibit high blood pressure in pregnancy syndrome, increased blood pressure, proteinuria, renal function decreased PRO increased more easily in the process of pregnancy, the vast part of these changes is very large after delivery can be restored to the level before pregnancy, may become a part of irreversible change. However, for high blood pressure, renal dysfunction and proteinuria in PRO patients, pregnancy may aggravate renal damage of pregnant women, and may affect fetal development and survival of these patients, pregnancy risk is relatively large.
3, renal ischemia. IGA nephropathy and other chronic kidney disease, caused by any effective circulating blood volume does not cause the foot, such as dehydration, surgery, stress, will cause kidney ischemia, to have disease kidney kidney damage aggravated one disaster after another. Although most of these causes are reversible, the longer the time of ischemia, the more serious the damage may be.
The above is for the explanation of IGA nephropathy is how to raise this question, "I hope we can bring some help to our hospital, and a kidney specialist reminder: IGA nephropathy is a variety of reasons, all of which are, therefore, everyone should always pay attention to your body health, if the show were not physically fit, or is not good, we must seize the time to the regular hospital examination, treatment.

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