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Daily adjustment of patients with chronic nephritis

2017-01-25 15:33

For healthy people, to develop good habits, is to pay more attention to daily life, away from infection. For 

patients with chronic nephritis, to develop good habits and daily life to do a good job in the relevant 

conditioning is necessary, so as to stay away from the recurrence of the disease, improve the effectiveness of 

treatment. So how to do a good job in patients with chronic nephritis conditioning? The following by my site 

under the kidney hospital doctors to explain in detail.

A, chronic nephritis patients should be combined with proper rest and work and rest, due to chronic nephritis 

patients longer course, usually 3-10 years duration, so must rest and work arrangements of science.

Two, chronic nephritis patients diet should pay attention to: diet should be light. Low salt. Patients with low 

blood pressure and without blood stasis can choose the best quality protein diet. The appropriate edible animal 

offal, folic acid to correct anemia.

The natural course of chronic nephritis change is very large, there is a part of the patient's condition is 

relatively stable, more than ten years to develop to renal insufficiency, another part of the rapid development,

and even repeated attacks, 2-3 years for the development of impaired renal function, in short, poor prognosis of 

chronic nephritis.

Above is the relevant explanation of the daily regulation of chronic nephritis, for patients with chronic 

nephritis, seize the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment is very necessary.


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