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Glomerulonephritis attention

2017-02-11 14:58

1, add protein, you can eat fish. As many of you know, eat red meat as white meat, eat better than four legs with no legs. In it, the fish are white meat, and no legs, can be said to be the best food. Fish is rich in vitamins and protein, can provide enough nutrition to the body, for the recovery of nephritis also has a great effect.
2, rich in vitamin C foods, such as strawberries, oranges, etc.. Vitamin C plays a very important role in the normal operation of the body, once the body lacks vitamin C, there will be a lot of discomfort symptoms. Long term lack of vitamin C will also bring different degrees of impact on the kidneys, causing damage, so usually eat some foods rich in vitamin C and fruits, such as strawberries, oranges, etc..

3, with olive oil instead of other animal and vegetable oils. Ordinary animal and vegetable oil contains a lot of fat, which is very detrimental to health, especially animal oil is so. Cooking oil can be used in peacetime to replace these animal and vegetable oils, which are rich in unsaturated fats and various nutrients, to meet the normal needs of the body.

4, with a diet of coarse grains. In the diet for nephritis patients, with coarse grains. This is due to the coarse grain which is rich in fiber, can control the appetite, but also can provide a variety of basic substances to the body, but also reduce the burden on the kidneys, provides a great help for the rehabilitation of nephritis.

5, ginger, fennel and other spices
In our diet, ginger, fennel, pepper and other spices as cooking spices, the taste of the regulation plays an irreplaceable role. In fact, these spices are more rich in nutrients, a lot of discomfort for the body has a very good regulatory role. Nephritis patients with normal diet can be appropriate to add these spices, which is very beneficial to the rehabilitation of the disease.

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