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What are the treatment of interstitial nephritis

2017-02-25 14:14

Treatment of interstitial nephritis
1 symptomatic treatment
Chronic interstitial nephritis and the natural course of different as in the early treatment of the primary disease often can delay the progression of renal function and sometimes can also be obtained to some extent improve the most prominent example is the urinary tract obstruction relieved if not eliminate the cause or progression to renal insufficiency in advanced level when the disease the rate of progression to end-stage chronic glomerulonephritis than slow through proper treatment of low capacity acidosis or hyperkalemia hypertension often can make the rapid deterioration of renal function in end-stage renal failure by reverse dialysis and renal transplantation therapy

2 etiology treatment

(1) for urinary tract infection caused by bacterial infection of chronic interstitial nephritis antibiotic resistant infection drug sensitivity of the bacteria and the amount of attention to change course and according to the state of renal function adjustment of drug dosage as far as possible the choice of drugs in small renal toxicity;

(2) analgesic nephropathy: early diagnosis is important to make a diagnosis that should stop taking the relevant drugs to reduce the amount of non - put on to help prevent the occurrence of this disease;
(3) obstructive nephropathy: the removal of obstruction according to the cause of obstruction and the control of infection to preserve renal function;

(4) toxic nephropathy: drug induced toxic nephropathy should be discontinued due to heavy metal poisoning caused by the drug should be reduced contact with the use of detoxification drugs;

(5) other primary diseases: treatment may refer to the treatment of the disease.

3 immunosuppressive agents
Autoimmune disease, drug allergy and other immune factors mediated interstitial nephritis, can be given hormone and immunosuppressive therapy.

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