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Benign hypertensive arteriolar sclerosis should be how to prevent?

2017-02-02 14:43

1 Sports: to strengthen physical exercise, increase the body's resistance. Pay attention to rest, can persist for a walk every day, the self does not feel fatigue degree, but also of Qigong, Taijiquan, do exercise, to enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, prevent colds, prevent respiratory tract infection excerbations.
2: keep unobstructed urine urinate unobstructed, indicating the excretion of renal function is normal, if the occurrence of urethral obstruction, urine is not smooth, it will increase the renal pelvis and renal parenchymal inflammation chance, increase the burden on the kidneys and even urinary poisoning. Common causes of urinary tract obstruction are urinary stones, prostatic hypertrophy, tumor, tuberculosis, etc..
3 note: pay attention to diet to eat light digestible food, avoid food as contraband. Let the patient understand the importance and necessity of correct diet, eat cold, stiff overeating, eating fat sweet goods. Protect the kidneys need to eat protein and carbohydrates, not to eat a diet high in fat. Too much fat in the diet, prone to renal arteriosclerosis, so that the kidney atrophy and degeneration, caused by atherosclerotic renal disease. Alkaline food beneficial to the kidney, can prevent urinary tract stones. It may be appropriate to eat melon, cogongrass rhizome, red bean, mung bean, diuresis heat, protect the kidney is beneficial.
4 symptomatic nursing care
5 leisure and work: as little as possible to participate in social activities. Once the patient is diagnosed with kidney disease, in the initial stage, should be based on the rest, active treatment, observation of disease changes. If the condition improved, edema, blood pressure returned to normal or near normal, urine protein and red blood cells and various types of trace tube, stable renal function, 3 months after the start in the outside light, avoid strong physical labor, the prevention of respiratory tract and urinary tract infection.
6 fertility and sexual life: sexual problems for patients with kidney disease, traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated abstinence, for patients with kidney disease of life depends on the specific circumstances, in principle does not advocate the ban. Proper recovery of sexual life, help to reverse the nervous system of patients with depression and depression, especially in patients with kidney disease, due to a longer course of disease, the appropriate sex life to help the treatment of the disease. Of course, because of certain physical activity consumption, kidney disease patients is different from normal people, disease has not yet recovered before, must not cause disease degree, or not excessive, otherwise, The loss outweighs the gain.

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