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Principles of diet in patients with IgA nephropathy

2017-09-11 18:35

Now many people are suffering from IgA nephropathy, because in such diseases, the physical and mental health of the patients is very large. So if you want your body to recover quickly, you must pay attention to the right treatment and the right diet. So, what are the principles of diet in patients with IgA nephropathy?

Principles of diet in patients with IgA nephropathy

1, high blood uric acid in patients with IgA, to guard against animal offal, fish and shrimp and clams, spinach, beans, mushrooms, beer.

2, there are irritating to the kidneys, food, kidney burden increased food should be fasting, otherwise it will bring serious harm to patients. You should be careful in your diet.

3. Be alert to foods that are abundant in water, such as watermelon. IgA nephropathy diet appropriate and taboo, tongue purple, chest tightness, pulse stasis, abdominal distension and other blood stasis disease patients should pay attention to dietary taboos.

4, patients with edema, salt alert, as little as possible drinking water. Edema is not heavy, low salt diet can; no edema patients do not limit the water and protein intake of food; have microscopic hematuria and easy to get angry with more water, eat more apples, sugar, black sesame, agaric, nourishing yin to reduce pathogenic fire. IgA nephropathy of hyperkalemia eat high potassium foods such as bananas, citrus, potatoes, pumpkin, tomato, soy sauce, MSG, tea.

Warm reminder: if you find yourself on the IgA nephropathy, should pay attention to the active to the formal hospital for diagnosis and treatment, early diagnosis, early treatment, is the most correct way to face IgA nephropathy.

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