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What are IGA nephropathy patients to be aware of?

2017-01-24 17:18

Suffering from IGA nephropathy should not only pay attention to effective treatment, during the treatment, the patient should pay attention to the diet. Because only the patient actively cooperate with the treatment, do a good job of dietary conditioning, in order to achieve the treatment of the disease as soon as possible. So what are the IGA nephropathy patients who want to understand the dietary attention? Let me face to the hospital for kidney experts
Detailed analysis and explanation.
What are IGA nephropathy patients to be aware of? Main attention to the following points:
1, limit salt and water
There are serious edema, high blood pressure, oliguric patients should eat salt free diet. And every day into the body of water to pay attention to. At the same time should be forbidden to eat pickles, pickles, salted egg sauce, tofu, mustard and other food containing sodium. Such as edema subsided, blood pressure, urine volume increased, can be used to eat less salt diet. 2, the beneficial effect of the urine of food
The effect of food has beneficial urine swelling of carp, crucian carp, goats'milk, watermelon, melon, mung bean, red bean etc.. The watermelon boil water, the more effective the better.
3, limiting protein supply
If the supply of protein is too much, in the patient's body metabolism, the production of nitrogen waste will be more, and excretion will increase the burden on the kidneys. If the urine volume is very small, these wastes do not go out, it will accumulate in the body, triggering a series of symptoms of poisoning. Seize the time to accept the relevant treatment, can effectively control the disease
Emotional development. One of my school "characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" to "dialectical theory of governance" as the foundation, "a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, through accurate detection means of modern medicine to determine the pathogenesis, cause then the Department of nephropathy
Classification, types and stages, to achieve the ideal governance into fruit.
Warm tip: in fact, IGA nephropathy patients in the treatment, the diet is a very important thing. Because IGA nephropathy patients, at this time the body is weak, more need to provide a wealth of nutrients, to improve the body's resistance. If you still want to know what is related to the content of kidney disease, the expert of our nephrosis
Online, you can consult our hospital nephrology experts, we will give you a detailed analysis to explain.

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