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What are the effects of lupus nephritis on life

2017-02-13 14:22

Mild lupus nephritis, closed obvious or mild edema of the upper extremity, normal blood pressure, urine routine examination showed no more than "+ +" PRO proteinuria, often accompanied by microscopic occult blood, normal renal function and proteinuria of PRO, hypoalbuminemia, edema but not elevated blood cholesterol level, often with high blood pressure under the microscope, occult blood and renal insufficiency. Edema, high blood pressure, not the same degree of proteinuria PRO. Urine routine showed red, white blood cells and tubular type, renal function progressive injury, which is one of the manifestations of lupus nephritis endanger the kidney.

If the protein PRO a lot of urine, and renal function is not good, it is necessary to prohibit sexual life, if only a mild lupus nephritis is able to sexual life, but be careful not to be too frequent. Lupus nephritis patients with abortion, premature pregnancy rate is high, and can make lupus nephritis rebound and deterioration, so many advocates from pregnancy, pregnancy if renal function damage or multi system damage, should be treated early abortion.

Taking hormone can cause disease or kurtosis, appearance change, loss of function method of pregnancy and severe patients, the patients with depression, ideological burden, to lose confidence in life, to heal. The disease activity can cause abnormal mental status, mental abnormalities: abnormal behavior, anxiety, apathy, or even stupor state, manifested as excessive excitement, hallucinations, paranoia and obsession.

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