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Symptoms of lupus nephritis

2017-03-01 08:25

1, general symptoms: lupus nephritis symptoms of lupus nephritis patients with poor performance, weight loss, 90% patients with fever, part of more than 39 degrees C.

2, joints and muscles: 90% of patients with joint pain, common in the small joints of the limbs. About 30% of patients. A large number of irregular use of hormones can lead to aseptic necrosis of the femoral head in some patients.

3, skin, mucous membrane damage: the majority of patients with skin lesions in the skin, about half of patients with facial erythema, or hair loss. Lupus nephritis symptoms in some patients with urticaria, discoid erythema, palm, finger, nail Zhou Hongban, purpura, etc.. Some patients have mouth ulcers. Alopecia is the main indicator of SLE activity

4, lung and pleura: some patients with lupus pneumonia or pleurisy. But the clinical common SLE infection caused by pneumonia, rather than lupus pneumonia, should pay attention to.

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