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Beware of her happiness or sorrow hurt your kidney

2017-01-24 17:08

As the "Q". Ancient naive theory says: "the spirit within, has an illness?" "confucians'duties for parents" also said: "happiness is less disease, and it is also 100 maishu." On the other hand, emotional depression, anxiety can lead to liver qi stagnation, spleen stagnation, Yu Long fire yin or qi stagnation and blood stasis syndrome and TCM etiology, therefore will seven injury included, as the "Yellow Emperor" stressed: "all are born in gas."
Modern medicine also believed that long-term poor emotion can make the body's immune function is low, prone to disease, visible emotion and health are closely related. So kidney disease patients in drug treatment at the same time, should pay attention to improve the curative effect of emotional health, is very important, must not be regard as unimportant.
The mental state of patients with kidney disease is mainly manifested in four aspects: thought tension, anxiety, anxiety, pessimism and despair:
"Ideological tension" is mainly seen in the initial stage of kidney disease, proteinuria or hematuria examination results fluctuate repeatedly, found that patients with renal insufficiency.
"Anxiety" refers to the patient's concerns and problems, mainly in young and middle-aged patients with kidney disease.
"Emotional" mainly in the lingering illness, the effect is slow, easy to repeat the disease.
"Pessimistic disappointment" is mainly seen in patients with chronic renal failure, that they have no way out, the loss of confidence in the treatment of life, lack of courage, mood is very low, the psychological quality of such patients is the worst.
Due to kidney disease refractory, easy to relapse, treatment is difficult, there are some characteristics such as poor prognosis. The patient's mental state is understandable and sympathetic. However, long-term emotional stimulation, persistent bad mood, will not only affect the treatment, but also aggravate the disease.

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