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Does urinary tract infections often cause low back pain?

2017-09-17 16:19

Low back pain is a common clinical symptom of various subjects, urinary tract infection patients often have low back pain. Kidney capsule, renal pelvis and ureter are stimulated or increased tension, all can cause pain. According to the etiology, disease location, the nature and extent of the disease different, clinically can show a variety of low back pain, such as dull pain, sharp pain, colic, soreness and so on. Patients with urinary tract infections usually suffer from lumbar pain, dull pain, and severe pain. When accompanied by stones, they may suffer from colic. Acute urinary tract infection has a severe degree of low back pain, which is mainly severe pain and dull pain. Chronic urinary tract infection is common with lumbar pain. Under normal circumstances, the lower urinary tract infection does not cause low back pain, upper urinary tract infection, especially with hydronephrosis, urinary tract stones, renal obstruction, the vast majority of low back pain symptoms.

Does urinary tract infections often cause low back pain?

Lumbago caused by kidney disease has a specific tenderness site and can be differentiated from other causes of low back pain: 12 ribs and the spine into the corner; 12 ribs and psoas muscle at the corners of the edge; rib margin, rectus abdominis and ribs connected to the lateral ; on the ureteral point: the rectus abdominis flat umbilical Department; in the ureteral point: two anterior superior iliac spine and the connection through the pubic bone perpendicular to the line, equivalent to the ureter into the pelvic cavity; lower ureteral point: ureter point under the medial, equivalent to the bladder ureter orifice.

 The low back pain caused by kidney disease should be differentiated from lumbar muscles and lumbago caused by spinal diseases. In addition to the former kidney lesions have spread to the lumbar muscle, the pain has nothing to do with the waist activity, nor radiation to the legs; the latter is often caused by lumbar movement or postural exercise and aggravate low back pain, sometimes can also spread to the lower limb, appears sciatica. You can do X-ray diagnosis and other relevant examinations to assist in the diagnosis.

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