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Male and female nephritis is not the same

2017-01-24 17:26

Both men and women are probably suffering from nephritis, the result is very serious, but the female and male nephritis symptoms of nephritis is completely different, the Hebei net in the treatment of nephropathy nephropathy experts explained that women nephritis patients mainly manifested as: irregular menstruation, infertility, chloasma, male but for the nephritis patients with sexual dysfunction and cold and so on, have no way to relax for nephritis, cure.
With the rapid development of economy, people's pace of life has gradually accelerated, many diseases in our body when attacked, survey, along with the people living pressure pig major, people suffering from the disease the proportion of more and more, especially in glomerulonephritis.
Female and male occurs early in the play performance differences, nephritis, nephritis male initial manifestation mainly for the "three low", "three high", not only the high incidence, but also accompanying the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.
Women and men with early symptoms of kidney disease are different, if not in the early stages of kidney disease, showing some of the performance is not the male.
1 irregular menstruation
Chinese medicine that can make kidney filled and blood pressure, Chong Ren function can make the normal cycle of the menstrual cycle, so the kidney foot is a key cause of irregular menstruation. Kidney deficiency caused by patients often accompanied by dizziness and asthenia and weak, abdominal pain etc..
2 infertility
Yang not feet, no method to conceive, often accompanied by menstrual color is light, back pain, dizziness, cold, tired and weak performance.
3 yellow brown spot
Shenqi no feet, no moisturize skin, often in the zygomaticofacial show butterfly of the yellow, yellow brown or light black patches, clear boundary, and often accompanied by irregular menstruation.
4 cold
Yang Yang as the basic body, life activities by Yang Yang such as agitation, no feet, no wet warm body, will show a cold.
5 black rim of the eye
Chinese medicine theory of black on behalf of the kidney, black eye circles on the kidney. It is not only the deficiency of the kidney, many other organs have the disease, a long time will be accumulated to the kidney, we often say that "chronic illness and kidney" which will show a black eye.

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