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Why cool weather will runny nose?

2017-11-22 17:45

As the weather gets colder, a small runny nose starts to bother many people again. 50% -90% of the people, the weather began to runny nose cold, eat something, pace may accelerate will lead to a steady stream of nose, nose also unsuspecting to flow down. People with rhinitis, asthma, eczema, or hay fever may be more aware of this experience. So why cool weather will runny nose? This may not really blame the nose, when the cold runny nose, in fact, the nose instinctively protect your body.

Why cool weather will runny nose?

Inhalation of the air is too dry to speed up the secretion of liquid: in the freezing cold environment, the outside temperature dropped below the freezing point, when the air inhaled through the nose before reaching the lungs, you must go through a wet heat treatment, because the sensitive vulnerable lung Can not stand the impact of cold air. In the process, the nose has played a huge role.

When cold, dry air passes through the nose, it first stimulates the nerves inside the nasal cavity and sends this signal to the brain. The brain immediately begins to deploy dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the nose, in order to warm the cold air. At the same time, the nose will receive orders to secrete more liquid to moisturize the incoming air. It is estimated that a person may produce liquid within a day 300-400ml.

Under normal circumstances, these nasal mucosa are along the direction of nasal mucociliary movement, flow to the posterior orifice of the nose to the pharynx, a small part of evaporated, a small part of dry knot has become a booger, generally do not see it out of the nose .

Regardless of the process of heating or humidifying the air, the temperature of the inner cavity of the nose drops again due to evaporation of water, so the nose is fed back to the brain to apply for temperature increase. The brain orders again to increase blood supply and nasal fluid production. The process of recycling, it is always difficult to achieve balance. If the nose reaction is over-excited, too much liquid is generated, just like a clean stream flowing from the nostrils, pooling into a raging snot.

So in order to prevent embarrassing situation, try to wear a mask in winter to reduce cold air into the nasal cavity, pay attention to keep warm, runny nose, you can use saline to wash your nose.

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