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What are the hazards of the body ' s absence of water?

2017-12-21 17:24

The man get old is the process of water loss in the body. We drink water in order to meet the functional needs of the cells. Decreasing the amount of drinking water affects the vitality of the cells. However, the less water we drink, the slower the feeling of thirst ... What kind of impact will this vicious cycle have on the body?

Affect the blood circulation. A lack of water leads to an increase in blood consistency, which in turn can affect blood circulation. Reduce blood circulation, easy to feel nausea, heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, trigger a variety of cardiovascular diseases and gynecological disorders.

Cause cerebral thrombosis. In addition to dyslipidemia caused by "blood thick", the body of water is also one of the important causes of cerebral thrombosis.

Cause human malnutrition. Body water, stay up all night will lead to inadequate digestive juice, affecting the digestion and absorption of food, resulting in malnutrition in the human body. Human secretion of digestive juice requires a lot of water to participate in, if their lack of water, it will snatch water from other organs, causing other organs such as spleen and other dry. Intestinal tract is the main way of human detoxification, intestinal dry, food debris will gather in the intestine, reaction, into toxins, intestinal toxins accumulation will lead to human aging.

Lead to cataracts in the elderly. Dry eye is students, computer workers, workers, driving family and other people quietly spread. The eyes of healthy eyes, vice lacrimal glands will naturally tear secretion, lubrication of the eye. But for a long time to face the computer, the eyes are too focused on the display screen, resulting in reduced blinks, rapid evaporation of tears. Water scarcity can also lead to cataracts in the elderly.

Lack of saliva causes bad breath. The average daily oral secretion of saliva in healthy people 1000-1500 ml, saliva is not enough dry mouth, a direct result of bad breath, the risk of dental caries and oral ulcers will increase rapidly.

Cause heart disease. Medical scientists found through hemodynamic tests, when significantly reduced blood volume, can induce atrial fibrillation, chest tightness, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and other performance. Clinicians have taken such an invalid electrical shock cardioversion, and prompt intravenous rehydration, can immediately resume normal heart rhythm.

Causes skin and hair to dry. Lung water shortage will lead to the skin and hair dry, so absolutely beautiful face can not do without moist lungs.

Immune function decreased. Liver is the regulator of human emotions, it determines the human Qicheng emotional disorders. Liver dry people more anxiety, depression, irritability.

Causes skin aging. Drying is the culprit of skin aging. When the air relative humidity of 45% -65%, the moisture content of the skin is the most appropriate, probably maintained at 15% -20%, that is, tender and tender skin. When the humidity drops below 20%, the moisture in the skin will disappear, while the water shortage of the skin is also susceptible to allergies.

Accumulation of harmful substances. Kidney is also the body's main organ detoxification, the body's metabolism of water excretion of the kidneys will inevitably be affected, resulting in the accumulation of harmful substances, a great harm.

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