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What is the relation between urine protein and nephropathy?

2018-02-03 15:31

Urine protein is the most familiar indicator in all patients with nephropathy, no matter what kind of nephropathy, basically accompanied by the loss of urinary protein, but also because of the common, most patients with nephropathy do not recognize the harm of urinary protein. We can eat more protein supplements, but the severity of urine protein is far from that.

What is the relation between urine protein and nephropathy?

Human urine contains no or only a small amount of protein, but when kidney disease occurs, proteins that flow through the blood circulation flow through the kidneys. Protein leaks into the urine to form proteinuria because of reduced renal filtration. The higher the protein, the worse the function of the kidney. This is an important measure of kidney function.

Urinary proteins can cause hypoproteinemia, edema, fever, decreased resistance, and metabolic disorders of substances. Long-term simultaneous urine proteins have an impact on the filtration and reabsorption of the kidneys. Long-term urine proteins must be treated to prevent the development of renal failure.

Normally, the kidneys don't allow macromolecular proteins to leak out. When the kidney changes, the glomerular filtration function drops, and macromolecular proteins begin to "squeeze" out. We all know, as long as it's a crevice. Always more and more crowded, long-term protein leakage will lead to glomerular filtration function completely disappear.

Measuring the level of urinary protein needs to do 24 hours urine protein quantitative detection, the results of minus sign-negative, is normal;

The more positive the extra sign is, the higher the urine protein level is. The specific expression is as follows: urine protein < 0.1 g / L: normal; Urine protein was 0.1-0.2g/L:±; Urine protein was 0.2-1.0g/L:; Urine protein was 1.0g/L = 2.0 g/L:; Urine protein was 2.0-4.0 g/L:; Urine protein > 4.0g/L:.G/L means how many grams of protein per liter of urine contains.

Experts have reported that diabetic nephropathy has significant proteinuria, almost 100% diabetic retinopathy. When diabetic patients with uAE30 / min. It may be a critical moment in the prevention and treatment of diabetic microvascular complications. After strict control of blood glucose, urinary albumin in early diabetic nephropathy can be reversed or partially reversed.

The patient that urine protein is high should eat vegetable, fruit, in order to supply sufficient vitamin, no matter what kind of albuminuria is high patient, as long as have edema, must limit table salt. When edema is apparent, should limit in 1 gram every day below. When the amount of urine protein is reduced and edema is alleviated, the amount of salt can be increased appropriately, but should not exceed 5 grams per day.

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