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How to judge the foam in urine is the symptom of nephropathy

2018-02-22 09:48

As the awareness rate of kidney disease becomes more and more popular, most people also know some symptoms about kidney disease. If they don't know it, they won't worry about it, and if they know it very well, they won't panic. Some people will see foaming urine on the Internet as a symptom of kidney disease. Don't you think of bubbles in your urine? So scared out of a cold sweat, rushed to the hospital.

How to judge the foam in urine is the symptom of nephropathy foam urine?

Foamy urine, also known as proteinuria, which indicates the signal of nephropathy, is mainly formed by the leakage of protein. The foam in the normal urine excludes pathological reasons, and the following conditions occur:

When people urinate too quickly or too high, the urine collides with the liquid, mixed with air, which can easily form a foam, but the foam dissipates after a while.

Urine concentration. If you drink too little water and sweat too much, you can concentrate the urine, resulting in higher concentrations of protein and other components in the urine, resulting in more foam.

Other reasons. Disinfectants or descaling agents in toilets can also foam urine.

How to judge the foam in oneself urine is the symptom of kidney disease foam urine? 

Look at the size of foam. Foaming kidney disease foam urine foam small and rich, while ordinary foam, large and sparse.

See foam exists for a long time. Suggested that the symptoms of kidney disease foam urine, because there are protein reasons to make the surface tension, so foam is not easy to dissipate.

See transparency. Normal urine is transparent, salt urine is turbid, static after a uniform precipitation. If there are sand particles, it is likely to be a stone.

Small, rich and long-lasting foam is the foretaste of nephropathy proteinuria, if accompanied by hematuria and edema is more likely! If the bubble in the urine dissipates quickly, it is not nephropathy. If you suspect that you are sick, you can go to the hospital for a urine test, which is convenient and cheap.

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