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If kidney is damaged, what is abnormal in urine?

2018-02-26 19:49

Occult is a typical feature of nephropathy. Because the kidney has a powerful compensatory effect. More than two million renal units can maintain normal functioning even if they are injured half way. It's not that it's completely asymptomatic. The kidney is the form of urine that is excreting toxins from the body. If the kidney is damaged, the urine must be abnormal.

If kidney is damaged, what is abnormal in urine?

The changes of urine volume. The normal person's urine volume is about 1500 ml / 24 hours, more than 2500 ml / 24 h is polyuria, less than 400 ml / 24 h is less urine. If you suddenly find yourself in comparison with normal, urine volume has changed.

Proteinuria. Also known as foamy urine, because of the increased permeability of the glomerular barrier, leading to the leakage of macromolecular proteins in the urine, resulting in proteinuria. It won't last long. If you find your urine foam in this state when you go to the bathroom. I want you to go to the hospital for a routine urine routine and check for protein in your urine. If you show it, you don't have to worry about it. If you want to do a further 24-hour urine protein test, check how much protein is in the urine to judge the severity of the condition.

Hematuria. This will be more obvious than proteinuria. If the urine shows a color of blood, soy sauce, or washing meat, I hope you go to the hospital to take sediment for a microscope, check the shape and quantity of red blood cells in urine, and judge whether the red blood cells come from the kidney.

Changes in your body: if you usually don't take medicine for a week, but this time you find that half a month is still coughing. And over and over again. Then you should be aware that kidney disease is an immune disease, which will damage our immune system. Make us vulnerable to infection. There will be a tendency to catch a cold and not a good one.

Edema. It is often manifested in the face, eyelids or lower limbs, feet and other places. It is mostly due to kidney damage, resulting in water and sodium imbalance, or protein loss, reduced adsorption capacity, resulting in water moisture overflow, resulting in edema.

Anemia. It is often characterized by yellowing of the face and lack of blood. If this symptom occurs, most of the kidney disease has reached the middle and late stages, renal insufficiency, or even uremia. This is due to anemia caused by a decrease in the secretion of erythropoietin due to a decline in renal function.

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