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Hepatitis b virus Antigen complexes deposited

2017-01-24 17:40

Hepatitis b virus Antigen complexes deposited in the Glomerular immune damage, virus directly infects the kidney cells and hepatitis b virus infections lead to autoimmune disease-related. Due to the anti-HBe reactions in children and adolescents is not perfect, may is hepatitis b Glomerulonephritis favored their main reasons.

Etiology: hepatitis b Glomerulonephritis

① circulating immune complex deposition: State and chronic hepatitis in hepatitis b virus, HBV antigenemia, HBV Antigen antibodies circulating immune complexes can be formed and deposited in the Glomerular Capillary loop, which activate complement, immune damage.

II epithelial cells in situ immune complex formation: three in HBV Antigen (HBeAg and HBsAg,HBcAg, are negatively charged), HBeAg low molecular weight, so the HBeAg may through the basement membrane implantation in the epithelium of positively charged HBeAg antibody combination formed under the epithelial immune complexes. In a State of chronic HBV carrying, circulation persists in the Antigen or antibody in favour of in situ immune complex formation.

③ Since body immune injury: in chronic HBV infection patients body often can check out variety itself antibody, including anti-DNA antibody, anti-cell skeleton components antibody, anti-smooth muscle antibody and anti-liver membrane antibody, while, found HBV correlation nephritis patients often serum C3 declined, cycle immune composite real increased, Immunology exception performance, in some aspects and lupus nephritis is similar, and lupus patients kidney organization in the found has is high of HBV Antigen positive rate, tips HBV also has may through itself immune caused nephritis.

④ virus directly infects the kidney tissue: in addition to liver cells, the HBV can infect a variety of cells, such as pancreatic acinar cells, mononuclear cells, using modern molecular biology techniques, HBV-DNA present in the kidney tissue has been found, HBV is replicated in the kidneys, as well as its role in HBV associated Glomerulonephritis there is no conclusion.


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