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Clinical staging of acute renal failure

2017-01-24 17:37

Acute renal failure is a kind of seize the time to heal can restore kidney and in the healing process of acute renal failure, there will be three stages of the show, each period shows that represents condition changed, the doctor will be able to make a correct judgment according to the condition of change, and then take the correct treatment measures. So what are the three stages of the clinical course of acute renal failure? The following is the doctor of the hospital affiliated to my website to explain in detail.
Oliguria period: Patients with less urine may be more than 5 weeks, but it can be sure that the longer the duration, the more serious the kidney injury, the more than a few days, or no more than 0 days, the prognosis is not good. The urine less system performance: 1, sodium and water retention, water poisoning sick children can be expressed as systemic edema, high blood pressure, pulmonary edema, cerebral edema and heart failure, sometimes due to water retention showed hyponatremia. 2, electrolyte imbalance, high potassium, high magnesium, high phosphorus, low calcium, low sodium and low chloride.
(two) polyuria period: excessive urine volume is also a manifestation of kidney disease, urinary volume is too easy to cause dehydration. When the ARF children with a gradual increase in urine output, systemic edema, 4 hour urine volume of 50ml/m or more, that is, diuresis, this period because of a large number of urination, can show dehydration, low sodium, and hypokalemia. In the early stage of the disease, the quality of renal function was gradually increased.
(three) after the recovery of diuresis period, this stage is usually manifested in the improvement of kidney after the urine volume gradually returned to normal, a variety of indicators are also significantly better. Blood urea and creatinine gradually returned to normal, and the renal concentration function takes months to return to normal, some patients left part of irreversible renal damage. In this period, children can show weakness, weight loss, malnutrition, anemia and immune function.
Above is the relevant explanation of acute renal failure stage, for patients with acute renal failure, it is necessary to take the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment. My website is affiliated with the kidney disease hospital is the use of traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy + six immunotherapy, can effectively cure the kidney, will not produce any side effects.

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